We partner with businesses, investors, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, foundations, and philanthropists to drive change by applying new approaches, powerful tools and proven ideas.


Clarify your core values and their implications, create a holistic strategy and guide fact-based decisions and implementation to maximize impact in line with those values.


Unclear value can make it difficult to invest in social innovation initiatives. We help identify and understand potential and existing initiatives, than quantify the value and analyzing the risk of those initiatives to drive fact-based prioritization and action.


Design, define and improve your social engagement strategies to secure greater impact for your organization and for society.

Steve Wilcox Retired Senior Executive, Accenture. President, Wilcox Family Foundation

“I want someone to challenge me, stretch my thinking, and to have me look at it in different ways...You've always provided that here and in the past. That's number one. It's hard to find somebody you can do that with who's easy to work with. That's a tough combination. You provide the whole package."

Kathy Phelan CEO, Small World Social

Over the years I have worked with many leadership/development/strategy consultants all around the world, Cynthia is the standout. Cynthia comes from a background of being there, building a company, analyzing its strength and weaknesses in strategy and execution, living and breathing it everyday. She knows what she is talking about from both a theoretical and practical level.

Solomon Bellete Director, Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at John F. Kennedy University

A great thought partner, innovative, problem-solver, and a leader ...She channels her efforts to building collective impact strategies to resolve pressing issues.

Naoko Fitzgerald Founder & Executive Director at New York Mama Salon

Cynthia is one of the most insightful and dedicated client service professional I have known, and has definitely been the key person to the growth and success of our company.

Eric Rassman Founding Member, Leap Forward

In every interaction she listened intently for what mattered to us, challenged us to think in new ways, and integrated her vast experience to co-create a collective vision. She exuded leadership and created a space for our team to bring our own leadership to the work.