Play Without Toys

As children, we have an innate sense of the importance of play. We spend hours immersed in seemingly simple games that actually help us to learn and grow, and according to the toy free kindergarden studies we may do it even better when there are no toys around.

In contrast, as adults living in the Information Age, it’s easy to feel that every minute has to be for a very specific result.

What if, just for a few minutes, you let go of that sense of needing to “get things done” and allowed yourself to really play?

Why not, right now, spend 5-15 minutes in pure play – no special equipment needed?

Let yourself rearrange the post-it notes on your desk into hearts, draw on the whiteboard or bang on the kitchen pots with chopsticks.

Have fun and share your experiences below.

P.S. it can be surprisingly hard to just play if you’re out of practice – so, in case you need it, here’s a little help. Also, if you enjoy these weekly actions, why not sign up to get them first, delivered to your inbox, or share them with your best friend?

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