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About the GatherWell Network

Our network of uncommon allies aims to make the biggest possible impact for organizations working with Practical Idealists. Whether academic institutions, non-profits, for-profits or media organizations, all are working for good.


We empower our members to:


Innovate with minds that may bring a different perspective on how to solve a social problem (or what the problem even is!)


Increase their impact

Member organizations get support from each other in further developing organizational capacity and programs. Since all the organizations work on social and environmental issues, they often provide services or have connections that are useful to other members.


Increase their reach

Member organizations share messages about events, campaigns, products and services with each other and their audiences. Since members come from different sectors these are often new audiences that otherwise would be hard to reach.


Our network is about adding uber-value to its members!

If you’re interested in applying if we open for new members, please complete the form below.  We’d also love to hear what would be most valuable to you from a network like ours.


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Our inaugural members:

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