Get strategies that work for intentional use of media with young children. 


Teachers and parents of young children see first-hand the ways that media exposure affects young children. Healthy Media Choices' interactive workshops provide a toolkit of strategies to return to again and again, responds to the specific questions and situations of the group and allows for collective sharing and community building around the topic of healthy media choices.

Create Positive Media Experiences

Make media literacy a natural and enjoyable bridge between home and school

Have Productive Communication

Create productive communication between parents and teachers on media

Build Community

Interactive workshops help build community and create shared insights

Past presentations and workshops include....

Mary Rothschild


Healthy Media Choices

About Mary

Mary has been working with adults who care for and live with young children for over two decades. The workshops are based on her pioneering work  synthesizing principles of media literacy, early childhood development and parent education to create intentional use of media tools and outlets. An adjunct faculty member at Fordham University, earlier in her career she founded and directed a childcare and after school center focusing on crafts in a media-free environment. She attended Columbia University, received a Certificate in Drama Therapy from the New School for Social Research under Getrud Shattner, is a graduate of the New Mexico Media Literacy Program, and holds a Masters degree in Family Media Literacy from Goddard College. A speaker, storyteller and writer, Mary hosted “The Healthy Media Choices Hour” on Brattleboro Community Radio in Vermont from 2006 to 2011.