Instinctively you sense the importance of curiosity. The research backs you up.

Curiosity cultivates health, intelligence, meaning, relationships and, yes, success. In short, curiosity is a key leadership quality.

In the daily details of life, though, curiosity can often get lost. Buried under the latest pile of laundry or the e-mail inbox.

So how do you dig it out?

Here’s an exercise for your curiosity muscle.

1. Pick an activity that you have been putting off for lack of interest. It could be writing a report, doing  required reading or making a phone call to customer service.

2. While your doing the activity ask yourself:

  • What is unique about this exchange or this text?
  • What’s unique about how I’m thinking or feeling right now?
  • Try to identify at least three unusual aspects.

The individuality of the moment is there. You are a detective working to uncover it. Notice what creative thoughts appear.

3. Discuss or write about what you discovered to help solidify the experience. In the days that follow notice your natural ability to find the newness in anything you do.

Try this experiment right now. Choose an activity that you’ve been putting off. Look for the new in it. Be inspired.

This Week’s Experiment is an adaptation of an experiment from Curious? by Todd Kashdan. See pages 80-81

Photo Credit: opensourceway via Compfight cc

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