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Measure of America

The Measure of America presents a modified American Human Development Index. The American HD Index measures the same three basic dimensions as the standard HD Index, but it uses different indicators to better reflect the U.S. context and to maximize use of available data. For example, while the standard index measures access to knowledge using the average number of years that students spend in school, we have chosen instead to use educational attainment, a more demanding indicator.

While data are plentiful on the extremes of affluence and deprivation in the United States, the American Human Development Index provides a single measure of well-being for all Americans, disaggregated by state and congressional district, as well as by gender, race, and ethnicity. All data used in the index come from official U.S. government sources—the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The data included in the American Human Development Index will help us understand variations among regions and groups. It is a snapshot of America today. Moreover, the index will serve as a baseline for monitoring future progress.


Demonstrating Value

Demonstrating Value offers a simple process and helpful resources to enable you to use information and data more effectively to run your organization, plan for the future and show your value to the community. It was designed by community for community.

The tangible result is a Performance Snapshot: an at-a-glance report that efficiently communicates your value and impact. This can be designed in basic office tools you have using the Demonstrating Value Workbook. This workbook sets out a process to work out what information is fundamental to supporting your decision-making and telling your organizational story.  It also helps you communicate and use this information.  Working through this process can uncover valuable insights into what really drives your mission impact and business success.


Sustainable Livelinhoods

SL is a tool used to understand poverty from the perspective of the stakeholder. The framework considers how a stakeholders’s range of assets (eg. physical, social, personal, financial, and human) currently impact their livelihood and provide insight on what additional assets are required to achieve positive and sustainable livelihood outcomes. Originally focused on poverty in low-income countries, this approach has been adapted to other settings.