Be ambidextrous today

Child's Hands Holding White Rose for Peace Free Creative CommonsIt can be easy to get stuck in our habitual ways of thinking and expressing.

Luckily, even a small spoke in our usual wheels can help slow down and interrupt our ordinary thought patterns. That in turn has the tendency to:

  1. Help us notice the contours of those patterns 
  2. Open up new directions in our thinking and actions

Here’s a really easy way to experiment:

Take out a pen and paper. Set aside everything else, and for 5 minutes write with your non-dominent hand.

Let yourself write really slowly if you need to and accept that what comes out probably will look like child’s writing (after all, it may have been a very long time since you wrote with this hand!)

What new directions appear? What did you notice? Let us know below.

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Image Creative Commons License D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight

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